Hi, I’m Urs

I love pasta, because it’s so versatile. You can make so many different things with it. You can be very creative (I don’t necessarily mean making them artistically colorful). Pasta principally is a very simple dish. You only need a few, but good ingredients. Making pasta yourself is almost meditative.
So one day I decided to buy a pasta roller.
I started coloring pasta, dreaming about how many possibilities I could have to create something with my hands. A work colleague who heard about this teased me, I should make rainbow-colored pasta.
I didn’t take it seriously at first. In the end I wanted to know if this was possible. And it became possible. And I wanted more and more. A rainbow was quickly no longer a challenge.
So I’m always looking for new ideas and techniques to make even crazier pasta creations.
At one point my friends told me: hey this is art, not just food.

And now this is the reason why I’m here.

Let me drive you to discover my Art and to introduce you to the «Pasta Artwork» The pasta artworks are made with a traditional pasta dough. The patterns on the pasta are not painted on it but are created by rolling and joining colored doughs. Creating such designs is usually very time-consuming and also requires appropriate knowledge of how to bring a pasta dough into such shapes.